What Is Online Cloud Storage?

Online Cloud Storage is a simple and quick way to store your files online. Traditionally people store their files in backup tapes, CD, DVD, and now on a spare external hard drive and USB storage device. Online cloud storage offers you a different approach to store and backup information and more cost effective way to keep your important data. Online storage is becoming cheaper and more affordable and many companies are now offering storage plan at a very competitive rate.

Why Online Cloud Storage?

The word “Cloud” has nothing to do with weather. Cloud computing has been a hot topic since 2009. Basically every computing terms started with “Cloud” means that it is happened over the sky, remotely and over the internet. You will see cloud computing from Amazon, cloud service from Apple, and cloud application from Google. Cloud computing is also a logical extension to outsourced computing happened in the last decade. During recent years, we are gradually moving our emails, contacts, calendar, word processing to cloud network. We are now moving all storage to the cloud as well.

Just Cloud Free Online Storage

Online cloud storage companies offer many advanced features that traditional storage methods cannot. One of the key advantage is to the ability to store and view files from any device anywhere in the world, by means of internet connection. It could be done with a computer, laptop or even on tablet and smart phone. It is very useful for people with multiple computers and for those who travel with their data frequently.

Use of Online Cloud Storage

If you take a look on service plan from cloud storage companies, it is nothing but a bunch of storage device attached to the internet. Those companies generally charge you monthly fee for an online storage area with or without limit. Once the software client is installed, it will search and backup your data to their storage over the internet, so you can later access them through web browser at a later time.

The main reasons to backup your data to online cloud storage or online backup service is to create an off-site redundant copy of your own data in a safe way. The computer, CD, DVD, or your own harddisk could be easily broken after a period of time. Or your home and office could be at risk with robbery, fire, or water flooding. Having a remote backup online could protect your data from being loss. Redundant backup is usually an expensive solution being used by enterprise companies, but with the use of internet and cheap storage price, online backup and cloud storage can be easily accessible for a few dollar per month.

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